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The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required for foreign students as part of admission requirements for some colleges and universities in the USA. Some high schools may require it as well.

The test consists of three sections:
      (1) Listening
      (2) Structure/Writing
      (3) Reading.

Writing consists of a topic focused on opinion, persuasion, or argument. Both the Internet-Based TOEFL and the Paper-Based TOEFL have writing sections. If the Computer-Based TOEFL is offered, you must take it. Site listing for the Internet-Based TOEFL may be found at www.learn4good.com.

Most countries require the Computer-Based TOEF, but some locations are allowing the Paper-Based TOEFL. Site listings for the paper TOEFL may be found at the TOEFL web site: www.toefl.org/infobull.html and the Educational Testing Service (ETS) web site at www.ets.org.

You may request a TOEFL Information Bulletin in one of four ways:

  • Phone: 1-609-771-7100
  • Fax: 1-609-771-7500
  • Mail:
    TOEFL Information Services
    P.O. Box 6151
    Princeton, JN 08541-6151

Simply ask for a copy of TOEFL Information Bulletin for the test you
Take – either the computer or paper TOEFL.

The Educational Testing Service offers a full range of services for testing, including the GRE (Graduate Records Exam). You may order materials for study and seek all the information you need for either of the tests. The ETS web site is www.ets.org.

Other helpful sites include:

Free TOEFL practice test

Another free TOEFL practice test

Podcast Tool for practicing for the TOEFL


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